Top 10 Best Free Skype Call Recording Software for Windows 10 PC

We have been using Skype for almost a decade now. The social media application has made our calling experience effortless and hassle-free. It not only allows you to make voice calls but also it lets you do video calls, connect with the people all across the globe, and communicate via instant messaging and what not. More often, this social media application is used for business and commercial purpose.

Top 10 Best Free Skype Call Recording Software for Windows 10 PC

Top 10 Best Free Skype Call Recording Software for Windows 10 PC

The only thing that lacks within this application is the call recording feature that we can use for future reference to keep a record of business meetings and chats. No worries, there are other third-party apps that will help you do so. Scroll down to find the best 10 free Skype Call recording software for Windows 10.

1. Skype Auto Recorder

This automatic call recorder is one of the best software that will help you do the trick effortlessly. It provides a convenient way to record Skype calls that too without any cost. Here’s what the app has to offer:

  1. MP3 call format
  2. High-quality sound
  3. Auto and manual mode
  4. Optional auto start
  5. System-wide hotkeys

This software is an ideal solution for personal and cooperates use.

Download Link:

2. Callnote Premium Call Recorder

Whether you are looking to record calls on Skype, Hangouts, Facebook or any other social media application, this app has you covered. The app offers:

  1. Audio & video call recording
  2. High-quality call recording
  3. 30 free recordings per month
  4. Call notes editing support

The premium version comes free of cost, however, if you want HD video call and unlimited call recording, you can get its professional version.

3. Evaer

This is another one of the best Skype Call recording application for Windows. It comes packed with features like:

  1. High-quality video and audio call recording
  2. Skype screen sharing session support
  3. Changeable recording video resolutions
  4. MP4 and AVI Files support
  5. MP3 file support for audio calls
  6. Easy to use with friendly UI

Save the important calls directly to your hard disk using Evaer.

Download Link:

4. iFree Skype Recorder

Want to record unlimited calls? This freeware software has you covered. the interesting features of this software include:

  1. Automatic call recording
  2. Manual call recording
  3. Audio call recording
  4. User-friendly interface
  5. Easy to use

If you are looking to record unlimited audio calls, this software is all you need.

Download Link:

5. TalkHelper

If you are looking for a quick tool to record your audio as well as video calls, TalkHelper is all you need. This software comes with:

  1. High-quality call recording
  2. Voicemail and video message recording
  3. Auto record feature
  4. Supports all versions of Skype

This is an add-on that works simply great with your Windows 10.

Download Link:

6. Pamela

This one is another excellent free Skype call recording software for Windows 10 that comes with a list of interesting features like:

  1. Automatic call recording
  2. Audio and video call recording
  3. High-quality recording
  4. Mono and stereo mode support

The only restriction that comes in the free version is that you cannot record calls longer than 15 minutes.

Download Link:

7. MP3 Skype Recorder

The free version of MP3 Skype Recorder comes with a number of awesome features that you will love. These features include:

  1. Free for personal and non-commercial use
  2. Supports Skype for Desktop, Skype Classic and Skype App for Windows 10
  3. Auto and manual call recording app
  4. Compact format
  5. User-friendly interface

This software is also capable of tracking simultaneous calls and save them separately.

Download Link:

8. VodBurner

This Skype conversation recording tool has literally got everything you might need to record a call. The set of features that are included within this software are:

  1. Crystal clear video call recording
  2. High-quality audio call recording
  3. Video editing tools
  4. MP4 and WMV files supported

You can set auto call recording or leave it manual so that you can control call recording every time.

Download Link:

9. Call Graph Toolbar

This is another worth mentioning software to record Skype calls effortlessly. The software offers:

  1. Completely free for personal and commercial use
  2. High-quality call recordings
  3. Completely safe
  4. No time limits, no restrictions
  5. MP3 and WAV file supported

Download Link:

10. Amolto Call Recorder

Okay, this is the easiest to use software that can record calls effortlessly. The features included in this software are:

  1. Unlimited call recording time
  2. Video and audio call recording support
  3. Skype auto
  4. Screencast/ audiocast
  5. Mp4 format supported

Download Link:

Which Skype call recording application you are going to use?

Top 10 Best Free Skype Call Recording Software for Windows 10 PC

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