5 Best Video Conferencing Software for Windows 7, 8, 10, 11

Video conferencing was considered an outdated thing when quarantining was just a word. As soon as the COVID-19 hit the world, video conferencing just got back in the trend. People started working from home, students started taking online classes and families started communicating through the video calls.

If you happen to live in 2021, you will need the best video conferencing app for your Windows. Right? Well, we have done the hard task for you and listed the 5 best video conferencing apps that will help you communicate with your colleagues, your teachers, and your families without any hassle.

Scroll down to check some free video conferencing apps for Windows 7, 8, and 10.

5 Best Video Conferencing Apps 2021 Free Download for Windows 7, 8, 10, 11

5 Best Video Conferencing Software for Windows 7, 8, 10, 11

These free apps come with a plethora of features that make your day to day communication as easy as hell. Check them out.

1. Google Meet

Google never fails to impress us, be it the communication, productivity, or anything in between. With the Meet application, Google has provided us communication and productivity, all at once. Formerly, called Google Hangouts, Google Meet has got everything that you need, including:

  1. Secure video meetings for businesses
  2. Built-in protection to safeguard your privacy
  3. Easy to use interface
  4. Integrated G suite
  5. Dial-in phone numbers
  6. Maximum number of participants

And much more. There is a premium version for this app that you can get to enjoy additional features.

2. Zoom Cloud Meetings

Next on the list is Zoom, which has gained quite much popularity among the professional enterprises, due to its amazing set of features. The application comes with:

  1. Clean and tidy interface
  2. Easy to navigate the main screen
  3. Phone system
  4. Conference room
  5. Cross-platform messaging
  6. File and desktop sharing

In addition to that, adding people to this application is quite easy. However, the only drawback that comes with this program is the call limit of 40 minutes. But you can always start another one quickly.

3. Skype Video Calls

Okay, you would definitely be wondering where the heck is SKYPE. So here it is. Skype is probably the oldest video-conferencing application out there and is available on almost every platform. You would already know the features, but for the sake of conversation, it comes with:

  1. 3 click meeting system
  2. Mobile and landline calling feature
  3. HD video calling
  4. Live subtitles
  5. Instant messaging feature
  6. Emoticons and stickers

In short, Skype makes it easy to stay in touch.

4. Discord

Discord provides a new way to chat with your friends and family. Not only through video, but this application also allows you to communicate over text and voice calls as well. In addition to that, this program offers:

  1. Background run
  2. Screen sharing
  3. Video conferencing for gamers
  4. Easy and intuitive interface

This program is specifically designed for gamers and those who want to chat with friends while performing several tasks on the same device.

5. Cisco Webex

If you need to communicate effortlessly with your friends, colleagues, family, or anyone in between, Webex promises to help you. The software allows you to become engaged and, productive in every way possible. This utility hosts a number of features that include:

  1. Video collaboration
  2. Hassle-free communication
  3. Compatible with almost every platform
  4. Video layout customization
  5. Securely backed up for business meetings

It is one of the most powerful video conferencing apps available for Windows.

Which Video Conferencing Apps for Windows PC do you rely on? Let us know in the comments section below.

5 Best Video Conferencing Software for Windows 7, 8, 10, 11

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